Monday, April 2, 2012

Knitting in the modern world.  Knitting in one form or another has been around since at least the 1400's as that's when the word became used enough to go into the Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary.  Spinning and weaving have been around even longer.  After all, we would have no sleeping beauty with out that dreaded spindle.  

With out fiber artists we would all be showing more then we generally want to.  Let me tell you, you don't want to see what I'm hiding under my knit sweater.  It not only keeps us warm, some wool knitting can keep us dry and for many knitting makes us happy.  I love to see how patterns and colors are interwoven to make an amazing pair of socks.  WHAT?  You knit socks?  Can't you just buy those at Walmart?  Why yes I can but would that be fair to my knitting ancestors or even to myself if I denied the world my garish love of color?  

So this is the beginning of what I hope will become a beautiful and very colorful relationship.  Don't forget to click and follow me.  I meander to the beat of my own drum so it will always be interesting if not a little off.

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  1. Casey!... KEEEP Going. Mllie and I are having a new baby... numero dos! (coming soon we will know if it is a boy or a girl) :)